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ISO 9001 Registered

welcome to Prototier-1 Inc.

Established in 1996, Prototier-1 Inc., a ISO-9001 registered company, is focused on fabricating the highest quality prototypes. Whether you are looking for production intent sheet metal parts or one-off, mock-up style for fit & function, Prototier-1 Inc. is your one-stop shop for prototypes, assemblies and for short run services.

Runs too small for the stampers are perfect for Prototier-1. We also offer 5-axis laser cutting services, FEA based flat blank development, CNC machining, CMM layouts, and more.

We specialize in: We service the following industries:
Sheet Metal Prototypes Automotive
Machined Metal & Plastic Components • Appliance
5-axis Laser Cutting • Aircraft
CNC Machining • Military
Forming capabilities up to 5 x 16 • Medical / Dental
CMM Quality Assurance Layouts • Recreational